We work across a range of industries, including renewables, oil and gas and petrochemical.


We support the global energy transition and use the latest technologies to handle the engineering and maintenance of renewable energy sites. These include hydroelectric power stations and wind farms.


From design, through to construction and maintenance, we provide engineering services to high-value nuclear power generation plants. We work across conventional fossil fuel plants as well as research facilities.


At AIM Group, we specialise in providing a range of construction services, including structural steelwork and pipe installation. We strive to deliver predictable outcomes for our clients in the construction industry, using innovative methods that not only enhance the lifespan of their assets, but also help to reduce project schedules

Chemical & Petrochemical

AIM provides design, procurement and fabrication for the chemical and petrochemical sectors. We work across a range of assets, including furnaces, steam generators and steam supply piping systems.

Process & Manufacturing

We understand the importance of automation in the processing and manufacturing industries. We assist companies in this sector by contributing to the construction and maintenance of major production plants.

Oil & Gas (Onshore & Offshore)

As a vendor of choice to international oil and gas companies, we have undertaken engineering projects in the most challenging environments. We provide a range of services, including design, construction and decommissioning.


We maintain oversight by monitoring progress and performance using the latest tracking tools, continually fostering a culture of innovation and improvement. As part of every service, we keep our clients and our teams informed through a centralised reporting system.