We recently sat down with our Logistics Manager, Rik Young to discuss AIM, his role and his long experience in the forces that allowed him to develop a keen eye for detail and transferable skills in logistics and operational support.

What is your role within AIM and what does it involve?

My job title is the Logistics Manager for AIM E & C. My role involves managing all plant, equipment and company vehicles, ensuring that plant and equipment is the correct specification for each specific project, clean, safe to use and prepared for when it’s required.

Equipment inspection is a big part of the role which requires attention to detail and a robust knowledge of HSE requirements, for example, I would inspect pre and post project completion to ensure it is fit for purpose and each member of the AIM team will be safe whilst carrying out their duties. Safety is key in our industry, so this is part of the role which needs to be treated with the upmost care and attention.

The other side of the role is managing the logistics of equipment and PPE that needs to be delivered to site. Timing can be critical. A percentage of our projects are carried out during a tight timeframe, usually at the behest of the client’s scheduled shutdowns, therefore frequent delays would not be acceptable. I manage this process to ensure that the team has everything they need to deliver a project, on time.

What is your background and career history?

I enlisted in the army at 16 and qualified as a HGV driver in the forces in the early 80s, from then I qualified as a tank transporter which required specialist training with low loader vehicles in order to transport equipment of that weight and value.

Throughout my time in the forces I have been posted to various locations such as Germany, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. The experience allowed me to be involved with logistics for major operations within hazardous and hostile conditions which has allowed me to develop some very useful transferable skills!

I retired from the army in 2004 and joined the reserves – but was then remobilised to Iraq and Afghanistan before doing my final tour in Dubai as aWarrant Officer which involved duties as an Army and RAF liaison, which was a really interesting role as I was responsible for ensuring smooth logistics between two outfits and ensuring goals and expectations were aligned for the best possible outcome for operational delivery.

What are the innovations and challenges in the industry, from the perspective of your role?

From my perspective, it is important that I keep abreast of any innovations and changes within legislation from an equipment and PPE point of view. I have developed relationships with various suppliers to ensure AIM are taking advantage of the very latest developments in any tools that we may use which can assist our team to drive efficiency during project delivery, whilst being mindful of the wider project budget.

If you were a client, why would you choose AIM?

Communication and trust is key for us, we strive to do things differently to gain the best possible outcomes for our clients. We, as a business, build strong relationships through our supply chain which ultimately will benefit our clients.

I also find that the team is inquisitive and willing to question the status quo, where appropriate, in order to seek out where we can add value in comparison to our competitors.


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